This Happened: A New Home

Let’s go a trip down memory lane to the last time I fired up my laptop and written for this blog – February. Okay, so my last post was dated February 2 talking about how it’s okay to not get everything together on your own. Irony may be lost on me, but a week after that, my long term boyfriend (then) and I decided to buy a condo. It may come as a rash decision especially for someone who just talked about not having her life together, but we’ve talked about this before, and he’s already been eyeing condominium units for quite some time already. So, we jumped in.

We’ve decided on a condominium just a few km/miles from both our families place and stay in the city where we’ve both lived in since time immemorial. I guess, we just both aren’t willing to take the plunge away from our families, and the familiar comfort of our little town even if it meant paying more. Real estate prices in Metro Manila, Philippines are over the top more expensive than those of nearby provinces.

Apart from working from home, trying to keep myself fit and well-fed in this seems to be never ending community quarantine in the Philippines, I haven’t had the energy to keep my blog updated because oh boy, I never thought about the hassle of paperworks and required personal documents you’d have to go through once you decided to buy a home of your own. Consider yourself warned, fellas.

But I’m glad to say that I’m back now, blogging from the comfort of our new home and will do some recap series of the lost months because A LOT has happened and I can’t wait to write about it here. ❤


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